Peace amidst chaos



A coach can be an honest mirror, a mentor, or sometimes simply an ear to deeply hear you. A coach will sometimes empathize with your experience, and at other times call you on your bullshit, often both. As my client, you can expect that I will be a stand for you and your life, regardless of where you are, or what’s holding you back.


We’ve all accumulated residue from life’s painful experiences. We’ve all been conditioned since infancy (often poorly) to relate to the world. Often, our adult selves are blocked by so much embedded memory that we aren’t truly existing in the present in an objective or conscious way.


Our conditioning blocks us from being honest about what we truly feel, want, and need. My goal is to teach my clients to develop the tools they need to clear as many of their blockage as possible, while creating new possibilities for life based on a conscious expression of their highest values.

As your coach, I can help you:

  • Improve the communication and connection of your relationship

  • Enhance the chemistry and polarity of your sex life

  • Navigate or recover from an ending relationship

  • Quiet the debilitating noise in your thoughts and feelings

  • Set and achieve goals in your professional and personal life

  • Identify your core beliefs and values, and shift the ones that hold you back

  • For men: Step into the empowered masculine form that has eluded you





A six-month ascent of divine masculine empowerment

There is a hero in all of us, waiting to be embodied. The Hero knows what to do, how to lead, how to protect, how to provide, and how to be humble. He is conscious, listening, aware, sensitive - a witness to everything. Modern men often struggle with moving beyond being a nice guy to being truly independent, full of integrity, trustworthy, and reliable. Together we can employ both feminist values and empowered masculinity to move through fear and the judgments of others. The Hero is unshackled from the cage he was born into, and becomes a creator of his own reality.

Sat on the Rocks


Weekly or bi-weekly sessions over three months

Sometimes we simply arrive at a point in life where we feel stuck, uninspired, or alone. Maybe you have achieved great success in your career, or in your love life, but the other areas are lagging behind. Perhaps you are hesitating to make the next move because the way forward is vague and frightening. You’re not alone. Stagnation and insecurity aren’t personal failures, they are signposts indicating that there is something hidden, subconscious, holding the steering wheel and making “choices” for you. Let’s change that. Let’s find the blind spots and handcuffs that keep happiness off in the distance, as something that needs to be “pursued”.

Wandering Traveler


90 minute sessions

For those in relationships who seek more robust 

communication, a more fulfilling sexual and romantic experience, or those who are interested in or attempting non-monogamy/polyamory. There is nothing simple about sharing your life with another human being, even if you are monogamous. Relationships can bring some of the greatest joys, and deepest pains, life has to offer. Even happy couples have sore spots, topics they avoid, and desires left unrealized. Let’s work together to make your romantic unions the most vibrant they can be.

At the Festival


I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and attended University of California, Berkeley. My journey has been marked my many rounds of personal reinvention and transformation, and I bring that experience to my coaching. I’ve overcome addictions and self-loathing, quit my cushy corporate job to follow my dreams, survived the tragically early death of a parent, and weathered a marriage and divorce that was fraught with abuse. At every turn, I have discovered more about how my wounds and conditioning were driving me, and where I could grow into consciously leading my life. I have trained in Landmark’s education programs, Radical Honesty, Embodied Masculine Leadership, and the Art of Fearless Intimacy. I am a certified sex educator, and a student of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I employ several different forms of yogic and mindfulness practice, and I consider it a privilege to teach everything what has worked for me and others.



Oakland, CA, USA

(510) 914-1324‬

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